There's darkness within us all. Haven't you learnt that by now?
— Seraphine to her sister, Savannah

Seraphine Althea Finnigan (b. 22 August, n.d. — 21 June, n.d.) was a powerful half-blood witch, notorious for her affiliation with the Dark Arts and her impeccable power that she inherited at a young age. She was the illegitimate daughter of Pandora Thorn, a half-breed witch and Lewis Finnigan, a half-blood wizard. Seraphine was the product of an affair, and due to her mother's extant marriage with pure-blood Kristian Walker, he took her on as his own daughter along with the Thorn family. Seraphine never married but was the mother of two children to two different love interests, Jaime and Lancel.

Seraphine attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and to her own surprise, was sorted into the Slytherin house. Being disliked by her own siblings and many others, regardless of her kind nature, she rebelled and took on a despicable persona that others had yearned for. Seraphine excelled in every area of magic, though academically, she was rebellious, deceitful and troublesome. She was known for her later involvement with the dark arts that inevitably lead to a mild participation by the Death Eaters, a group of elitist dark magic practitioners, though she soon defected from them.

Seraphine was the only female child of Pandora, a siren-witch, who did not inherit the mermaid gene, and due to her father's partial muggle ancestry throughout the Finnigan family, she was half-blood. Seraphine proved to be an incredibly powerful witch in every aspect of magic, much like her sister, Savannah, who also possessed a high magical aptitude, though Seraphine's abilities lay within the depths of dark magic. She was also an unregistered animagus who could take the form of a large black billy goat, the first in either the Thorn or Finnigan family lineage. Her involvement with the dark arts leads to her both fortunate and unfortunate early death.


Family lineage

Early life

Hogwarts years

First year

Second year

Third year

Fourth year

Fifth year

Sixth year

Later life

Death and post-mortem

Physical description

"She was beautiful, like a child, yet so ungodly."
Yvaine describing Seraphine to Louis
In spite of the harsh contrast that was made between Seraphine and the rest of her siblings, she was the only child of Pandora to fully embody that of a typical Thorn appearance that was traditionally portrayed as the norm for the previous generations. She had a beautiful shade of long, golden blonde hair with eyes the colour of the ocean to match. Each of her female siblings all inherited their father's dark brown hair, whereas Seraphine did not inherit her own father's brunette locks, but her mothers English blonde shade and hollow blue eyes. To frame such features, Seraphine was noted as having a strong jawline and symmetrical bone structure, another typical Thorn commonality for the physical appearance. However, many of the Thorns often looked older in their youth and appeared youthful in their later years, whereas Seraphine always seemed to have a childlike appearance with a sense of innocence and purity, that only ironically clashed against her dark and sadistic personality.

Her step-father, Kristian, described Seraphine as being a "snake behind an angel's face", to exacerbate the innocence and delicacy of her appearance against the manipulative characteristics she displayed as a teenager. However, not all of her appearance was so pure. Her hollow eyes, as beautiful as they were seen, often showed to be her most intimidating and cold feature, due to the harshness of her stare and the endlessness of her eyes. Additionally, she had a strong posture and good stature that further emphasised her strong presence, in contrast to the childlike appearance she had.

Personality and traits

"She's paranoid, obsessed with power. She hungers constantly for what's been denied her, be it love or revenge."
Savannah about Seraphine
Seraphine was infamous for her incredibly sadistic personality, her natural leadership skills, being poised and dignified since the beginning of her story. In spite of this, however, Seraphine was not always so malicious and ill-intentioned and was far kinder and compassionate in her youth. Prior to attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Seraphine had a hopeful view of the world and often saw the best in things many were incapable of seeing a sentiment of good within. Even in spite of the hatred and disdain that her own siblings showed her, Seraphine remained loyal and willing to be a member of the House and reciprocate the love she believed she was shown, though was deprived of her entire life. However, upon attending Hogwarts, Seraphine had every belief to be sorted into any house other than Slytherin, the traditional and notable house for the Thorn family. After being sorted into the Slytherin house, Seraphine was distraught and began to finally see the mistreatment her own family had shown her throughout her entire life. She began to reflect the dark portrayal they had made of her and was led to develop a far colder and more calculating personality after she vowed to never allow herself to show such vulnerability again.
Pandora: "You love her. You really do love her. You poor fool. She'll be the end of you. "
Jaime Kingswood: "Perhaps. But it's a little late now, isn't it?"
Pandora: "She's a disease, I regret my role in spreading it. You will too. "
Pandora to Jaime Kingswood on Seraphine

Throughout her Hogwarts years, Seraphine was quick to become a wicked, selfish, manipulative and spiteful member of the House of Thorn, to which she defected from upon her first suspension and inevitable expulsion from the school. Unlike her half-breed sisters and mother, Seraphine was a human and only had her magical talents to emulate the power she held. She was devoted to witchcraft and found the idea of family to be ridiculous, convinced that the Thorns were held back of their full potential by the love they held for one another, as well as the hatred they clearly held and displayed for those different to them. Seraphine often displayed several key psychopathic traits, such as a lack of remorse and empathy, evidenced by the many sacrifices she made at such a young age and the fact she had no difficulty destroying those who sought to prevent her from gaining power.

Seraphine was fundamentally a selfish person, viewing everything in relation to how it benefits herself and increases her own stance and power, and had little interest in how it negatively impacted others. However, though Seraphine had shown to possess powers and skill within the Dark Arts, far beyond any other witch in the Thorn family, and had used said power to great effect against those who stood against her, Seraphine preferred to achieve her goals with the least amount of complication, effort, and even violence. As a result, she was not above or unable to play civil and nice with others to expedite her own plans and wishes. She was infamous for her deals, compromises, and concessions in order to efficiently fulfil her ideals, and didn't resort to extreme measures unless necessary.

Magical abilities and skills

"Oh, do not lie to me. Ever. There could be no greater error than that."
—Seraphine to Eliza
Seraphine animagus

Seraphine in her animagus form, a goat

Seraphine was outstandingly talented, even as a young witch at Hogwarts. She quickly learnt how to channel the anger she'd developed as a result of years of oppression from her siblings, which allowed her to master abilities as a teenager which many witches and wizards struggled to perfect even in their adulthood. Being that Seraphine was the only female offspring of Pandora to not inherit a half-breed status, she chose to excel in the magical arts and as a young adult, became an exceptionally powerful and accomplished witch, considered to be one of the most powerful and dangerous witches of the entire Thorn family line, rivalled by her own sister, Savannah, and the power of her great-niece, Regina Antebellum. Some suspect that if Seraphine had not died at such a young age, then perhaps her power could have become far greater and advanced.

  • Underage magic: From a young age, Seraphine possessed a high magical ability. She was often found levitating pieces of her mother's jewellery and was also found influencing the mind of household pets and outdoor animals, such as the wild goat that lived in the forest beside the Thorn mansion.
  • Magical aptitude: Seraphine had an incredibly high aptitude for magic, some say even higher than her elder sister, Savannah, who also proved to have a natural flair for the magical arts. Seraphine thrived off her magical abilities and proved to be incredibly influential and skilled, despite her young age. However, Seraphine's magical aptitude lay much more within the dark arts of magic, as opposed to magic as a whole. This ultimately made her weaker than Savannah, as her capabilities were limited by different fields to which she had not mastered, unlike her sister.
  • Wandless and non-verbal magic: Seraphine was incredibly skilled in both wandless and nonverbal magic, either of which is advanced an often difficult to perform individually, making Seraphine's prowess all the more impressive, as she usually performed both simultaneously. She often used silent hand gestures to generate forceful shockwaves to move and otherwise exert force on other people and objects. In her younger years, Seraphine would use such abilities to control the movement of household furniture and door movement at the Thorn Estate, often during times of upset and pain. She also proved her talents in the Duelling Club, where she fended off several Gryffindor students without speaking a single incantation.
  • Animagus: Seraphine learnt how to become an Animagus during her time as a student at Hogwarts, transforming into a large black billy goat at will. Seraphine used this ability, rather than to disguise herself from the public, but more so to exaggerate her power and abilities as the first Animagi in the entire Thorn family. In spite of this, Seraphine found this ability useful in order to avoid punishment for her actions as a dark magic practitioner and rebel. However, Seraphine also wished to further her research on all branches of Transfiguration and did not always abuse her ability for surreptitious purposes.
  • Dark Arts: Seraphine was exceptionally talented in the Dark Arts and possessed a passion for it even from a young age. Even when she was a young student at Hogwarts, Seraphine's experimentation in the Dark Arts was already considered dangerous and at times, nearly fatal to those around her. At the age of seventeen, Seraphine was already adept at performing dark and powerful curses, including the Cruciatus Curse and the Imperius Curse, two of the three Unforgivable Curses which required a considerable level of magic to perform. As she matured, her power grew and Seraphine began to master the field of dark magic.
  • Dueling: Seraphine Finnigan was a duellist of impeccable, almost unrivalled mastery at times. Having received thorough training in dueling and martial magic from her fiancé, Jaime, a former Durmstrang student, which allowed Seraphine to hone her skills to match her extraordinary high potential, becoming a fully confident, disciplined and protean duellist. Even as a teenager, Seraphine was already highly proficient in dueling, as demonstrated in her membership of the Duelling Club, where she simultaneously dueled several older Gryffindor students. Although Seraphine's skill lay much within manipulation and 'sowing one's seeds', she was always prepared for a duel of any manner, having the immense dueling skills at hand in preparation for such events.
  • Charms: Seraphine was extremely skilled in charms, so much so that when she was still seventeen, she could already cast a Disillusionment Charm strong enough to effectively render herself entirely invisible. She was also capable of casting an extremely powerful shield charm. However, in spite of her power within this field, Seraphine was unable to produce a Patronus Charm at any stage throughout her life as she lacked the purity of heart required to cast it.
  • Transfiguration: Seraphine was exceptionally proficient in Transfiguration, even at the highest levels, being able to achieve Animagus transformation at the mere age of fourteen. Seraphine noted that Transfiguration was her favourite subject at Hogwarts, enjoying the challenging nature of the field.
  • Legilimency and Occlumency: Seraphine was an incredibly accomplished Legilimens and Occlumens, being able to penetrate the minds of others and fully conceal her true thoughts from other exceptionally talented Legilimens. Seraphine trained her second fiancé, Lancel, in Occlumency, showing her skilful knowledge of the art enough to teach another individual.
  • Apparition: Like most adult witches, Seraphine was able to Apparate. However, she was capable of Apparating with great speed and precision and relative ease.
  • Flying: Seraphine was also a skilful flyer, as she had not been shy from the use of a broomstick despite her lack of interest in the Quidditch sport.
"They say that the most treacherous wolves may appear in a lamb's cloak. You should know well to learn from that saying, retract your wand, and leave my home."
—Seraphine to her sister, Vera
  • Charisma: From a young age, Seraphine displayed a remarkable talent for the manipulation of others, being able to manipulate Kristian into telling her about Animagi and the advancements of Transfiguration. Although Seraphine was disliked profoundly by her siblings and many of her school peers, her close circle of friends seemed mesmerised by her character, as did her half-brother, Niklaus, who appeared infatuated with Seraphine's charm. As she aged, her skills in manipulation grew even further, successfully convincing her two lovers, Jaime Kingswood and Lancel Bishop to join her in her rebellion.
  • Acting: Besides her formidable magical skills and extensive knowledge of magic, Seraphine proved to be a consummate actor, being able to hide her true nature from almost everyone in Hogwarts of her true intentions and penchant for the Dark Arts, even in spite of her rebellious and undisciplined behaviour. She was able to convince her entire family as well as the Hogwarts staff that she was no more than a rebellious child, lacking in parental affection and love, avoiding the detection of her true ill-intentioned mind and skill as a powerful dark witch and unregistered Animagus.
  • Teaching skills: Seraphine taught Lancel Occlumency in furtherance to develop his general magical skill, also in the hope that he could protect his thoughts should they be invaded by an external force.





Pandora: "I used to think it was my fault, but in time, I learned your ability to love died long ago."
Seraphine: "Darkness isn't born, you know. It's created... by the snuffing out of the light. So, however you thought you might mend me, please know you never could."
— Seraphine and her mother, Pandora

Yvaine Thorn

Yves-Thierry Thorn

Veronica Thorn

Savannah Thorn

Niklaus Thorn


Jaime Kingswood

Lancel Bishop


The name Seraphine is of Hebrew origin, with a meaning of burning fire.

Her middle name, Althea, is a Greek name, meaning wholesome, from the verb meaning to 'heal.' It derives from the Greek marshmallow plant, Althaia, which was believed to have healing powers.

The surname Finnigan is of Irish origin and is an Anglicization of the Gaelic "O' Fionnagain", meaning the descendant(s) of Fionnagan, an Old Irish personal name derived from the word "fionn", white, fairheaded.


Seraphine: I am not your enemy. But make me one and you shall feel my fury.

Seraphine: You have nothing left to threaten me with. My daughters are gone, my love dead. My own life worthless to me. You are all out of threats, but I am certainly not.
Pandora: You've lost, Seraphine. It's the only joy I can find in all this misery.

Niklaus: Sera, I had no idea, none of us did. Why did you never tell us of the hurt you experienced, after all these years?
Seraphine: Not all scars can be seen. They exist nonetheless.

Seraphine: Like most men, you mistake the battle for the war. True war only ends when the enemy is dead and even then, a dead bee may still sting.

Seraphine: If there's one thing you should have learned from my beloved mother, is never trust a witch.

Eliza: Seraphine... my own niece. At last, we meet. I warned Pandora Thorn about you long ago. I told her to drown you like a kitten in a well.
Seraphine: Well, lucky for you she didn't because I bring good news.

Seraphine: They say crocodiles weep when they devour their prey, but not even crocodiles eat their own young.
Pandora: Seraphine... I wondered when you'd come. Believe it or not, I'm glad you survived.
Pandora: Don't play the good mother with me.


  • Seraphine's theme song was Under My Skin by Ellie Swisher.
  • Seraphine's specialised soundtrack, titled me and the devil, can be found on 8tracks.