If God really is watching, the least we can do is give her a good show.

— Philip to Mallory

Philip Damocles Potter (b. 3 December), occasionally known as Pip, is a British-American half-blood wizard of the Potter family, the only son and youngest child of the late Nicodemus Potter and his former wife Lydia Brennan. He is also the younger brother of Persia, the stepson of George Brennan, and the stepbrother of Harrison and Toby Brennan. His godfather was the late Jedidiah Leander. Philip's parents divorced when he was young and his mother soon remarried a Muggle, leaving him with an entire stepfamily who resided in the non-magic world.

Upon attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Philip was Sorted into Hufflepuff House for his exuberant and fun-loving personality. He soon came to be a close friend and confidante of his cousin Mallory. Throughout his school years, Philip was considered something of a hedonist, renowned for his drunken antics and foolhardy approach to magic. He was also known for his light-hearted enthusiasm and benevolent nature, marking him as one of the most altruistic Potters to date. He initially aspired to follow in his father's footsteps as a successful Auror but struggled significantly with his studies, displaying more of a creative virtuosity that manifested itself through pastimes such as music. He was a member of Dumbledore's Army and briefly Slug Club, as well as the student-founded band Hi-Jinx in which he played the drums.

Having been deeply impacted by a life spent in the public eye and the breakdown of his parents' relationship, Philip unfortunately came to soothe his personal inadequacies with alcohol and self-indulgence. This self-destructive behaviour acted as the catalyst for many incidents; he was significantly involved in the Hufflepuff Basement fire and the accident at 59 Diagon Alley, events of which were so damaging that they compelled him to maintain a certain level of sobriety. He was also known for his explosive relationship with Urya Quint, which began in his fourth year and gained mixed reception from family members due to its toxicity.

After Hogwarts, Philip and Urya married and had a son, Elliot, who he raised alone as a single father following Urya's ill-timed abandonment.


Family lineage

The Potters were once an old and wealthy pure-blood family, descended from their founding patriarch Linfred of Stinchcombe. Linfred was given the nickname of "the Potterer" by his peers, which over the years was corrupted to Potter. The family took on the simplified nickname as a surname, thus leading to future generations being known as Potter. A withdrawn and eccentric man involved in the remedial business, Linfred's sales to fellow witches and wizards enabled him to leave a significant pile of gold to each of his seven children upon death, successfully laying the foundations for the inexhaustible family fortune.

The Potters were also descended from Ignotus Peverell, one of the creators of the Deathly Hallows who passed the Cloak of Invisibility down to his descendants as a family heirloom. However, this also tied them to the House of Gaunt — who were linked to Cadmus Peverell — and by extension the infamous Lord Voldemort. Unbeknownst to many, there was also an American branch of the Potter family that was formed after several members migrated to the U.S., establishing them strong ties with the Magical Congress of the United States of America. Genealogists uncovered that the family were indeed of close relation to Abraham Potter, one of the original twelve Aurors of MACUSA. Still, the American branch of the family have never been anywhere near as reported nor celebrated as much as their British counterparts.

Early life

"It's about this horklump that everyone picks on because it's so tiny, until one day it eats a load of magic grass and goes into hiding. When it comes out, it's turned into this big beast. And when my parents were starting to split and they were — you know — I'd just get under the covers and read, over and over. It made me think that when I came out, I didn’t want to be different. I just wanted what was on the outside to be different."
—Philip regarding books he read in his early childhood

Hogwarts years

First year

Second year

Third year

Fourth year

Fifth year

Sixth year

Seventh year

Life after Hogwarts

Later life

Physical description

Personality and traits

"The thing about Philip is that he says yes. He says yes to everything, and he loves everyone. He has the biggest heart of any person that I know. He flings himself wholeheartedly into situations, just because he can. He's always saying, "Fuck it. I'll do it my way. The people that love me will understand why I'm doing it because they love me, so fuck it." He fucks it everyday. And that's why we love him so much."
Mallory regarding her cousin's personality

Magical abilities and skills

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  • Music:
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"I swear Philip puts a curse on this bastard. It moves faster than a normal fish does."
Sirius on Philip's irresponsible safe-keeping of his pet fish Plimpy
  • English oak wand: Philip's wand was manufactured by Orland Ollivander and purchased from his shop in Diagon Alley prior to beginning his magical education. It was ten and a quarter inches long, brittle and made of English oak wood with a unicorn tail hair core. English oak wands are considered incredibly loyal and demanding of partners who represent strength, courage and fidelity. Less well-known is the propensity for owners of English oak wands to have powerful intuition, and an affinity with magic of the natural world, with the creatures and plants that are necessary to wizardkind for both magic and pleasure.
  • Plimpy: Plimpy was Philip's pet fish which accompanied him to Hogwarts each year. Unlike others who sought animal companions in pet stores, Philip found the fish in the Black Lake, ignoring protests that plimpies were not bred for domestic environments. He continued to display a reckless naivety whilst caring for Pimpy, going as far as to occasionally drop herbs in its fish bowl. The fish died under his care partway through his fifth year, deeply upsetting Philip until he gained a replacement.
  • Tigerlily: Philip's second pet fish was named after Urya Quint, who gifted it to him after the death of Plimpy. Unlike his first fish, Tigerlily was not a magical breed but merely an everyday freshwater goldfish, originally a lily petal which Urya transfigured into piscine form; Philip handled the fish with significantly more care and consideration than his first. What happened to Tigerlily following his education remains unknown, although it can be presumed that it soon died given the short lifespan of a goldfish.
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  • Letter from Urya Quint:
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Aries Peltier III: "I guess if I was your mom, this is where I might give you a lecture or something, you know... about what you're doing to yourself."
Philip: "You know what, Aries? If you were my mum, I don't think you'd have to."
— Philip regarding his distant relationship with his mother

Persia Potter

Urya Quint

"I was perfectly happy killing myself, right, but then you asked me to try, and for the first time it felt like someone cared, and that person was worth trying for. And now I’d... I’d make the world's biggest pumpkin pasty if you asked me to. I’d kick old witches in the shins! I’d fill rivers with pumpkin juice. I fucked up. I'm more than sorry. I love you. You're my whole world."
—Philip offers Urya a heartfelt apology after an intense row


Theodore Flume

Brennan family

Quint family

Jamie Jordan

Mallory Potter

Nancy Potter

Rosemary Potter

Lily Leander

Odysseus Leander

Sirius Leander

Linus Mortan

Gwendoline Mortan

Aries Peltier III

Ida Karasu

Philip: "When we're together, it's like we can do anything. All of these bloody... responsibilities, problems, they just disappear when I'm with you."
Ida: "And do you really think that's a good thing?"
— Philip and Ida drunkenly evaluate their relationship

Niko Manami

Xanthas Jordan


Philip is a Greek baby name, meaning "lover of horses". Famous Philips include King Philip of Macedon, who was the father of Alexander the Great, and Philip, one of Christ's apostles in the Bible.

Damocles is the Latinised form of the Greek name Δαμοκλης (Damokles), which was derived from δαμος (damos) "the people", a Doric Greek variant of δημος (demos), and κλεος (kleos) "glory". In Greek legend Damocles was a member of the court of Dionysius the Elder, the king of Syracuse.

Potter is a very common surname of English origin. It traditionally refers to the occupation of making pottery. Beatrix Potter was a well-known English children's author. Potter's Field is the name for a burial ground for the unknown or unclaimed dead, particularly soldiers and orphans; the Potter family had many members that fit that description. The Potter Box is a model for making ethical decisions developed at Harvard University.