You're never going to be normal. But normal is just an illusion, isn't it? That's what you told me. Normal is just an illusion, and what's normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.

— Ody to Sirius

Odysseus Atticus Leander (b. 10 November), more commonly known as Ody, is a half-blood wizard of the Potter and Leander families, the youngest child of the late Jedidiah and Lattice Leander (née Malfoy-Potter). He is also the younger brother of Sirius and the twin brother of Lily, as well as the godson of his aunt Rue. When the twins were merely six years old, their father passed away due to a backfiring spell, leaving the children to be raised by their mother alone in Godric's Hollow. He was the only one of his siblings who did not bear witness to their father's death, though this did not leave him any less damaged by the loss.

Upon attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Ody was Sorted into Hufflepuff House on account of his fierce loyalty and kind heart. Despite being separated from his elder brother and twin sister who were in Slytherin, he instantly became best friends with Reilly Cauldwell and later Matthew MacDougal.


Family lineage

"Everyone expects me to do as well as the others, but if I do, it's not that big of a deal... because they did it first."
—Ody on his family and the expectations of others

Early life

Hogwarts years

First year

Second year

Third year

Fourth year

Fifth year

Sixth year

Seventh year

Life after Hogwarts

Later life

Physical description

"Boy about yea high, cute as a button, stupidly short fuse?"
Sirius describing his younger brother

Personality and traits

Daya Devdhar: "You're so hard to read."
Odysseus: "What do you mean?"
Daya Devdhar: "Everyone knows that you're sweet... and you're funny, too. But other times you're moody. Distant. I don't really know what to make of you."
— Description of Ody's personality

Magical abilities and skills


Odysseus' corporeal Patronus (form of a Boxer puppy)

"Look — mum taught me a few things, yeah? She was really good at Quidditch, remember, and she was a Seeker. Like you. And maybe... I guess I'm just that good."
—Ody's confidence regarding his prodigious flying skills


Odysseus: "She's lost her wits."
Lily Leander: "I would too if my son managed to break two wands in less than four years."
— After the purchase of Ody's third and final wand




Lily Leander

Sirius Leander

Reilly Cauldwell


Linus Mortan

Gwendoline Mortan

Rosemary Potter

Aries Peltier III

Odysseus: "I'm not like you."
Aries: "Not yet."
Odysseus: "I don't mean I'm not strong or I'm never going to learn how to be in control. I mean everything else. You manage to do everything and still keep everyone safe. How am I ever going to be like that?"
— Ody's high opinion of his cousin

Philip Potter

Persia Potter

Mallory Potter

Nancy Potter

Matthew MacDougal

Sasha Thorn

"No offence, but you kind of represent everything I despise in the world."
—Ody expresses disapproval of Sasha's ruthless and rebellious behaviour

Daya Devdhar

Reilly Cauldwell: "Wounds heal. People move. Things change."
Ody: "Yeah. But it still hurts, though."
— Ody and Reilly discussing Daya's departure from Hogwarts

Theodore Flume

Filemina Gibbs

Odysseus: "There she was, just walking by, almost like she was in slow motion.. and I thought, here's my chance... I couldn't help it... it just sort of—slipped out!"
Nancy Potter: "Actually, he sort of screamed at her. It was a bit frightening."
— Ody's humiliating attempt at apologising to Filemina on behalf of his brother

Dumbledore's Army


Odysseus is a Greek mythology name, meaning "wrathful"; in Greek legend, Odysseus was one of the Greek heroes who fought in the Trojan War. The name, while rare, is often associated with the brave and resourceful.

Atticus is an Latin name meaning “man of Attica”. Attica is a place name; dating back to Antiquity, it is the region in Greece which surrounds Athens. The name was made most famous by author Harper Lee as the protagonist of her 1960 novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird”.Odysseus was given this name after his paternal great-grandfather, Atticus Leander.

The name Leander is a Greek baby name, although it can be used as a surname; the meaning of this name is "lion-man", which could perhaps be cleverly attributed to the Leanders' most commonly being sorted into Gryffindor.


Odysseus: Don't let the Muggles get you down!

Inny: They're all staring.
Odysseus: It must just be me. I'm extremely famous.

Odysseus: I've figured out, that sometimes the price of doing the right thing is a fair bit higher than we realise when we're actually doing it.

Sirius: What have we always said is the most important thing?
Odysseus: Breakfast!
Sirius: Family.
Odysseus: Oh, right. I thought you meant of the things you eat.

Odysseus: Listen, right, I don't care if my tea leaves say 'Die, Ody, Die', I'm chucking them all in the bin where they belong.

Reilly: What was that?
Odysseus: My shirt fell.
Reilly: It sounded a lot heavier than that.
Odysseus: I was in it.

Odysseus: Brilliant. Of all the trees to run into, we had to get the one that hits back.

Odysseus: I'm going down fighting.


  • Ody's theme song was Shots by Imagine Dragons.
  • Ody's specialised soundtrack, titled underdog, can be found on 8tracks.