Some people see the ugliness in this world. The disarray. I choose to see the beauty.

— Musidora

Musidora Quiteria Cauldwell (born Musidora Prowley) (b. 12 March) is a half-blood witch of the Potter and Cauldwell families, and the Alder family by birth. She was adopted by Ember Cauldwell after her biological parents were murdered when she was a toddler. She gained one adoptive brother, Albus, and spent the rest of her childhood growing up blissfully in Ireland. She is known for her empathy as well as being an expert Potioneer.


Early life

Hogwarts years

First year

Second year

Third year

Fourth year

Fifth year

Sixth year

Seventh year

Life after Hogwarts

Later life

Physical description

"Cute. Not my style, a bit too vanilla for me, but cute."
Ilenka on Dora's unique style

Personality and traits

Albus Cauldwell: "She's naive."
Cecil Curae: "Your sister sees the beauty in her everyday life and routine. Kind eyes can look on anything and find it beautiful."
— Discussions of Musidora's kind and forgiving nature

Magical abilities and skills

  • Potioneer


  • Bluebell:
  • Buttercup:
  • Albus:




Albus Cauldwell

Cauldwell family

"Whatever you do, child... don't let it be at the cost of your beautiful heart."
—Inny to Dora


The name Musidora is a Greek baby name meaning "gift of the muses". The Greek mousa was a common word meaning "song" or "poem." The Muses are the goddesses who inspire the creation of all forms of literature and the arts. The Greeks would commonly invoke the muses at the beginning of an epic poem or hymn, stating that they were the true speaker, for whom the author is merely a vessel for the work to travel through.

Quiteria may be derived from Kythere (or KyteriaKuteria), a title applied to the Phoenician goddess Astarte which meant "the red one" or from Cytherea, an epithet of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, given because she was born on the island of Cytherea. Saint Quiteria was a 5th-century virgin martyr, about whom nothing is certain except her name and her cult. She appears in the Roman Martyrology, but not in any other ancient calendars (such as the Martyrologium Hieronymianum).

The surname Cauldwell is of Anglo-Saxon origin, and is a locational surname deriving from any one of the places called "Caldwell" in North Yorkshire and Warwickshire. It means "the cold spring, or stream".


Albus: What can you see?
Musidora: Hope.


  • Dora's theme song was Through the Eyes of a Child by AURORA.