Cling to your soul, Grace, as Mermaids are given to take the rest, to the bone.

Mermaids are sentient, aquatic beasts affiliated to the water, that became well known, praised and feared through all manners of legend and lore.



Physical appearance and biology

Mermaids are amphibious beings; a hybrid of an aquatic animal and human. The average Mermaid has the general appearance of a woman, their skin flecked with scales. Though from the waist down, a Mermaid is comprised of a long, shimmering scaly fish-like tail. The general appearance of the Mermaid is unique, differentiating each individual from the next. Although this is not as common in pure-breed Mermaids, who have an overall fairly animalistic and beastly appearance, it still applied. Half-breed Mermaids have a more humane appearance, though beneath the water, are equally as frightening and mysterious.

Their long and powerful tails make them extremely fast swimmers, adept at hunting prey, and gives the Mermaids the capability of leaping out of the water at great heights, similar to a dolphin. Their tails are covered in a scaly translucent membrane which floats around them like tendrils in the water and is shed when they gain legs. Further undermining their conventional beauty, Mermaids hide sharp, fang-like teeth in their mouths and their eyes become a shimmering gold that glistens fiercely in the water.

There is not much difference between pure-bred and half-bred Mermaids. The significant difference between the two is a Mermaid of a pure-breed nature possesses a far more beastly appearance, with scales of a silvery blue that is comparable to the water, allowing them to camouflage in the great depths in which they are found. Their hair is far thicker and at a distance, appears similar to a type of seaweed or plant-like material. However, when looking at a half-breed Mermaid, their scales are more golden and appear to differentiate in accordance to the ethnicity of the Mermaid, which is never the initial case when looking at a pure-breed Mermaid that is unaffected by the nationalities and ethnicities of the human race. A half-breed Mermaid tends to possess much of their human appearance, their only beastly characteristics being their piercing golden eyes, scaly skin, and hidden fang-like teeth.

Powers and abilities

  • Amphibious transformation: Mermaids of a half-breed nature are able to take on an ordinary human appearance through a quick metamorphosis that allows them to live on land for as long as they desired, being that they reminded adequately hydrated and return to the water at least monthly. In water, they take on their natural appearance as a mermaid, though above the water, excluding their long and extravagant tails, they would take on that of their human appearance. Mermaids of a full-breed nature can also perform such a talent, though the length of time they spend on land extends upon each visit to land, though it is certain that a full-breed mermaid can never truly live on land permanently. When on land, the mermaid sheds the membrane of her tail and quickly possesses a human body within seconds.
  • Aquatic habitation: Mermaids are able to survive and adapt to any underwater environment they encountered, including enduring high water pressure and extreme water temperatures.
  • Enhanced strength: Mermaids, as a species, are known for their great deals of strength in the water, known to be one of the most, if not the most powerful humanoid aquatic inhabitant. Though their strength varies from individual to individual, as a whole, they can master great deals of strength that exceeds the typical capabilities of their bodily frame. Maisie Thorn, a half-breed mermaid, is well-known for the immense physical strength that allowed her to overpower a mature werewolf in her mere adolescent age.
  • Enhanced speed: In water, a mermaid's powerful and streamlined tail allows them to propel through the roughest waters with incredible speed, grace, and agility with minimal restrictions to water resistance. They are noted as being five times faster than a sailfish, the fastest animal in the water. Their speed is also comparable in their human forms on land, as some half-breed mermaids proved to show the immense speed that varied according to their physical structure and ability.
  • Enhanced agility: Naturally, mermaids are incredibly agile in the water, holding great flexibility in their overall movement that comes with their great deal of speed and bodily movement in the water. On land, half-breed mermaids do not always prove to be the agilest, though many who excelled in strength and speed often show great mastery of agility.
  • Underwater protection: Often thought to be a myth due to its popularity in nautical folklore, mermaids are, in fact, able to bestow a level of underwater protection onto another, particularly a human, via a kiss that allows them to breathe under the water for the duration of time they remained beneath the surface.


  • Dehydration: Due to the natural laws of dehydration, mermaids are incredibly fearful of fire and heat as a whole. Although they are able to handle warm and hot climates, close contact with fire and powerful sources of heat can inflict not only pain on the mermaid, but even provoke asphyxiation and can cause their skin to become dry and irritated, forcing their body scales to rise to the surface of their skin in broken, sore patches.

Mermaids in the wizarding world

Known mermaids

Mermaid Notes
Althea Thorn
Yvaine Thorn
Veronica Thorn
Savannah Thorn
Phoebe von Marburg
Summer Thorn
Maisie Thorn
Marina von Marburg
Delilah Peltier-Thorn
Roman Peltier-Thorn
Angelina Thorn
Alanis Bicondova
Genevieve Dusseau de Lacroix


The word mermaid is a compound of the Old English mere, meaning sea, and maid, as in a girl or young woman. The equivalent term in Old English was merewif. They are conventionally depicted as beautiful with long flowing hair.