I know this scares you. It scares me too. But the other students, they... they think I'm strange. I don't want to be. I have to try and be a whole person before it's too late.

— Megaera to Oakley

Megaera Chloris Mortan (née Alder) (b. 30 October – 6 July), sometimes known as Meg or even The Beast, was a Scottish half-blood witch and Maledictus of the Alder family, the eldest child and only daughter of Oakley and Chloris Alder (née Amadis), as well as the stepdaughter of Prudence Alder. She was also the elder sister of Myrick. From a young age, Megaera experienced a vast range of health problems, ranging from allergies to night terrors. This also included the same blood curse that would one day turn her into a beast permanently, leading her to become incredibly frail and introverted during her youth.

Upon attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Megaera was Sorted into Slytherin House, on account of her many desires and the yearning for something more. She was in the year below Sasha Thorn and Lily Leander. Throughout her early school years, she was a timid, shy and submissive girl who was largely friendless and ruled by her thoughts and insecurities. She lacked confidence in her magical abilities and either went bullied or unnoticed by her peers. In her third year, she was finally approached by Damien Culvateur, in whom she found allure in his promises of power. Megaera thus joined the Knights of Abaddon and used her ability to transform at will in order to frighten and inflict terror upon the students of Hogwarts.


Family lineage

"You carry a gene from a very particular blood curse. What I've ascertained is that it only passes down through the female line and, most unfortunately, the carrier of this curse will always be destined to turn into a beast permanently, regardless of all efforts made."

Early life

Megaera: "She said she loves me."
Linus Mortan: "Of course she loves you. She's your mum."
Megaera: "No... dad told us that she left because she couldn't handle us. That she didn't want us. That she... she wanted a different life."
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Hogwarts years

First year

Second year

Third year

Damien Culvateur: "Megaera, I can take your sadness away. I'm here for you. I know you. I know your desires, your fears... who you love, who you hate. I understand you completely. And so, what if I told you that all of this could just disappear? The teasing, the bullying, the sickness, all of it? And what if all of those things not only disappeared, but everything else... got even better?"
Megaera: "How?"
Damien Culvateur: "Let me show you."
Damien influences Megaera into joining the Knights of Abaddon

Fourth year

Rosemary Potter: "Megaera wasn't only having trouble sleeping. It's a real disorder. Muggles, they call them night terrors."
Francis Thorn: "Well, now it seems as if she's the night terror."
— Megaera's dreaded influence as a Maledictus

Fifth year

Sixth year

Seventh year

Life after Hogwarts

Later life

Death and post-mortem

"Maybe I deserve this. Karma. Fate was always watching us."
—Megaera confiding in her husband about her deteriorating state

Physical description

"Doesn't anyone ever tell you that you're beautiful just as you are?"
Linus to Megaera about her appearance

Personality and traits

"She has no friends. She has no social life. She has no confidence. As far as I'm aware... she's barely even had a full conversation with someone who isn't a family member. She doesn't touch her food. She weighs less than she did last we saw her. Wake up, Oakley! Just look at her! Look at her! Something has to be done, before your daughter becomes broken beyond repair."

Magical abilities and skills

Oakley Alder: "I was scared."
Megaera: "You were right to be. You haven't seen the things I've done, the things I'm capable of. I have to take responsibility for what I am. I'm not normal."
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  • Maledictus transformation:
"Look, there is something really wrong with my girlfriend, and it's dangerous, and she can't control it, and I can't help her!"
  • Enhanced speed, smell and strength:
"It's better when you're looking at your prey up close. See what you're dealing with. You learn a lot about an animal when you surprise it. You see where it's weak."
  • Night vision
  • Combat skills
  • Dark Arts
  • Care of Magical Creatures
  • Literacy skills
  • Love


"The most valuable things in life are usually the most helpless, so they need people like us to protect them."
  • Rosewood wand:
  • Letter from Chloris Alder:
  • Dress robes:
  • Two-way mirror:
  • Mortan Manor:




Prudence Alder

Myrick Alder

Linus Mortan

Megaera: "With Linus, I'm someone different. I'm not a monster at all. He knows what I am, better than anyone. How could he ever look at me the same way again?"
Oakley Alder: "That lad loves you. Really loves you. Don't ever forget that."
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Mortan family

Damien Culvateur

"I'm sorry you feel so unloved. What you are makes you a beautiful monster, and there are those who could love you and shall. Life awaits you."

Gabriele Thorn

Xanthas Jordan

Daya Devdhar: "I know, I know. He's big and he's awfully strong. But Megaera, there are more dangerous things out there than big strong boys who can't tell their lefts from their rights. There are more dangerous things out in the world than this."
Megaera: "You don't know him, Daya. Not like I do"
— Megaera cryptically warns Daya to be careful of Xanthas

Daya Devdhar

Reilly Cauldwell

Megaera: "Do you believe in Death? As in, the Grim Reaper?"
Daya Devdhar: "No."
Megaera: "I do. I've looked into his eyes."
— Megaera's grim opinion of Reilly

Hogwarts staff

"There are so many fragile things in this world, after all. Megaera may be one of them."
—Madam Quincey pitying Megaera and her many ailments


Megaera was the name of one of the three Furies in Greek mythology. The name is the Latinized form of Greek Μεγαιρα (Megaira) which was derived from μεγαιρω (megairo) "to grudge".

In Greek mythology, the name Chloris (meaning "greenish-yellow", "pale green", "pale", "pallid", or "fresh") appears in a variety of contexts. Some clearly refer to different characters; other stories may refer to the same Chloris, but disagree on details. One of these includes the minor goddess of vegetation, who was also the goddess of spring. The name is thus the Greek equivalent of Flora. It was used by the Roman poet Horace for one of his loves, and was used by Augustan poets of the 17th and 18th centuries.

The surname Alder is a type of tree in the birch family, and a typographical English surname for someone who lived near alder trees. It derives from the Dutch surname that means "son of Aldert"; Aldert means "old, noble and strong".


Megaera: Keep calm, come to no harm.

Megaera: True love is loving the unloveable.

Megaera: All sad people like poetry. Happy people like songs.

Megaera: The devil is real, and he isn't a small red man with horns and a tail. He can be beautiful because he's a fallen angel and he used to be God's favourite.

Megaera: I hate mischief night. But the day after... I've always loved Halloween. The one time of year when everyone wears a mask, not just me. People think it's fun, pretending to be a monster. I have to spend my life pretending I'm not.

Megaera: I think that I believe in a place between heaven and hell. Between the living and the dead. A place with rebirth, maybe even salvation. Do you? Well, I think there's a price to pay for such that passage, just as there is with all things. I hope that we can pay it easily.

Megaera: Do you think I'm a monster?
Damien: No. You're a fragile thing in a frightening new world, and I think you just need someone to walk through it with you.

Megaera: You haven't known horror until I've shown it to you.