Lucretia Bonheur Devolle (b. 19 August) is an Italian, French-Indonesian half-blood witch of the House of Antebellum by birth, as well as the Devolle family. She is the daughter of Lady Regina Antebellum and her former husband, Diaval Devolle, who abandoned Lucretia at the age of six following his divorce. She is also the half-sister of Heather, who she develops a strong relationship with.

Like her mother, Lucretia attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, due to having lived at an English orphanage following the abandonment she faced from her father and previously, her mother, despite being born and raised in Italy, where she was then sorted into the Slytherin house. During her time at Hogwarts, Lucretia was known for her sharp tongue, dry sarcasm and her passionate hatred for her parents that she channelled through displays of dislike for her various cousins and fellow students. She did, however, develop a close bond with her first cousin, Wednesday, who shared her apathy and dark sense of humour. In addition to Lucretia's famous genes, she was more famously known for her exceptional work as a seamstress that she later took up as a career. Having learnt to sow through the tutelage of the elder witches at the orphanage, she discovered the skill that allowed her to become a hatmaker and later a successful fashion designer in the wizarding world.

As a witch, Lucretia is averagely talented and displayed no remarkable signs of exceptional talent in her youth that her mother displayed had. She does, however, cast an exceptional patronus charm that likely stems from the vague fond memories she clings to from her childhood that had once been one of splendour and wealth, as well as her gratitude to her fashion.