I love first times. I want my whole life to be composed of them.
— Layne to Don Roberto

Layne Emmerich Dietrich (b. 22 April) is a half-blood German-born wizard of the Dietrich family, a wealthy European family indigenous to the Durmstrang Institute. He is the son of the late Marlene and Otto Dietrich. Following their death, Layne came under the care of his English godparents, Josephine and Emmerich Dietrich, one of whom he was given his middle name after.


Early life

"Life is only interesting if life is wide."
—Layne to Don Roberto

Later life

Physical description

Personality and traits

"You don't know him. No one does. As soon as you think you do, he'll find someone else."
Maisie warning Don about Layne

Magical abilities and skills



Don Roberto Constance

"It hurts, doesn't it? Losing someone you love?"
Ivory to Layne about Don


The name Layne is of English origin, often bestowed upon males. In the English meaning, it derives from the word lane and often means path or roadway.

Layne's middle name, Emmerich, derives from Ancient Germanic. Its translation means something similar to brave power. It is a variant form of Emery, meaning brave, and the second element of the name, ric, means power. 

The surname Dietrich derives from the Germanic personal name Tederich (Theudoricus), composed of the elements theud 'people', 'race' + ric 'power(ful)', 'rich'. It is common throughout central and eastern Europe, particularly in the western Slavic countries.