A thorn defends the rose, harming only those who would steal the blossom.

The House of Thorn is an extremely wealthy, powerful and noble English house. Though once a family of blood purity, in recent generations, the purity of the house now recognises many notable half-blood members. Of both English and French origin, the Thorn family has historical familial ties all across modern-day Europe and takes great pride in their history, wealth and nobility.

The house is led by its current reigning matriarch, the indomitable Pandora Thorn, also nicknamed the Queen of Thorns. In her union with the Walker family, she took on the title as the Duchess of Marseille and the Marchioness of Mayfair, which gave Pandora authority as a noble of both the English and French societies. The House of Thorn is now known for its marital connections with other great houses, such as the House of Antebellum and the House of Dusseau de Lacroix, though they're also known for their significant friendship and later marital ties with the famous Potter family. At some point in the recent history of the House of Thorn, the family secret that had been hidden to the public for generations became unveiled, of many of the female family members being of a half-breed nature, between the Mermaid and Siren species, that contributed largely to a great deal of influence and control they hold today.

The Thorn sigil is a golden rose with hidden thorns appearing through the petals, used to represent their wealth and calculating nature, on a pale green field, to represent fertility and nature.

Family history

Early history

"De plus en plus forte."
—The family motto, translating to 'Growing Strong'
The House of Thorn for centuries has been a house of splendour, wealth and elegance in both the wizarding and muggle worlds. The earliest recordings of the Thorn family are written in legends founded in the early fifteenth century, with a Lady Dáhlia Gardener who according to scripture, married Lord Harlen Thorn. The House of Gardener was a notable French house of a pure-blood nature, as well as great wealth and nobility. In the union of their marriage, the House of Thorn began as a cadet branch of the House of Gardener. The Thorns became stewards to the main Gardener line, and over time, they rose to prominence as one of the strongest noble houses in Europe. The House of Thorn has faced many disagreements with other noble houses who claim direct male-line descent from the old Gardener house, whilst the House of Thorn only claim descent from the House of Gardener through the female line.

The Thorn family's overall disposition is adequately represented by their sigil of a rose. The beauty of a rose often disguises the reality that it has thorns. Though the Thorns do their best to be just and fair, their benevolent demeanour serves to lull their enemies into thinking they are utterly beholden to honourable conduct. In reality, the Thorns are cunning in politics and intrigue, though choose a subtle approach to achieving their goals and ambitions. Thus they strike a pragmatic balance between honour and ruthlessness.

Recent history

In the recent years of the Thorn family history, not only have they grown in status, wealth and power, but have gained a celebrated seat amongst the most respected magical families the wizarding world has to offer. The family matriarch, Pandora Thorn, has lead the Thorn family into the modern age. Whilst most pure-blood families are shown hate and disregard for their discriminative and prejudiced beliefs towards half-bloods and Muggle-borns, the Thorn family are adored by the magical community because of their seemingly good nature. Though behind their charitable and poised outer temperament, like the thorny rose, the Thorns are cunning and ruthless. And like a flower bending to the wind and to the sun, the Thorn family are nothing but if not flexible, taking advantage of every opportunity, and making the best of every situation. The Thorn family is considered a cross between the House of Antebellum and the Potter family. Like the Potters, they love each other and project a noble code of honour. Though when the Thorns case this code, it is a superficial facade. Like the Antebellums, they lead an inner life that is a very different story from the outer.

Overall, the House of Thorn represents fertility and prosperity, outer benevolence, pragmatic opportunism, flexible cunning, hidden strength, matriarchy, and family solidarity.

Family members

Main family

Relatives by marriage

Thorn relatives

Wizard/Witch(s) Notes
Alchemy Finnigan Daughter of Seraphine Finnigan
Louis Antebellum Son of Yvaine Antebellum (née Thorn)
Phoebe von Marburg Daughter of Veronica von Marburg (née Thorn)
Ariadne Finnigan Daughter of Seraphine Finnigan
Regina Antebellum Paternal grandmother was Yvaine Antebellum (née Thorn)
Marina Bicondova (née von Marburg) Maternal grandmother is Veronica von Marburg (née Thorn)
Grace Luciano (née Antebellum) Paternal grandmother was Yvaine Antebellum (née Thorn)
Morwenna Cochláin (née Finnigan) Maternal grandmother was Seraphine Finnigan
Adam Bicondova Maternal great-grandmother is Veronica von Marburg (née Thorn)
Riyadh Cochláin Maternal great-grandmother was Seraphine Finnigan
Saoirse Hewitt (née Cochláin) Maternal great-grandmother was Seraphine Finnigan
Lucretia Devolle Maternal great-grandmother was Yvaine Antebellum (née Thorn)
Jesús Cochláin Maternal great-grandmother was Seraphine Finnigan
Heather Theron (née de Antebellum Laurentis) Maternal great-grandmother was Yvaine Antebellum (née Thorn)
Macklyn Cochláin Maternal great-grandmother was Seraphine Finnigan
Daedalus Cochláin Maternal great-great-grandmother was Seraphine Finnigan
Nyx Theron Maternal great-great-grandmother was Yvaine Antebellum (née Thorn)
Miho Matsumura Adoptive paternal great-great-grandmother was Seraphine Finnigan
Alanis Dusseau de Lacroix (née Bicondova) Maternal great-great-grandmother is Veronica von Marburg (née Thorn)
Genevieve Dusseau de Lacroix Maternal great-great-great-grandmother is Veronica von Marburg (née Thorn)

Physical appearances

Lily: "You're all wearing green and gold?"
Pandora: "Well, what kind of reputable family would we be if we arrived sporting every colour of the rainbow. Don't be indecorous, Lily."
Lily and Pandora discussing the symbolic garments of the House of Thorn
In the tradition of the family colours in their sigil, the Thorn colours of green and gold are often displayed fashionably in their style and clothing to symbolise their powerful union as a strong and affluent family. The colours of green and gold encapsulate the source of their power; gold is the colour of wealth, and green is the colour of nature. The family-owned business, Thorn Industries, is an international real estate and construction company that deals with not only properties but mass ownership of fertile land that in turn, produces gold and wealth for the family. Like the House of Antebellum, the Thorn family like to rule and are cunning in magical politics, but they're far more subtle than their related cousins, who tend to need more validation and display bold items of gold in their clothing. Green is harmonious, nurturing; a symbol of spring, freshness, and life itself. It's seen as a stable colour, just like the Thorn women. But it also has negative connotations of selfishness and greed, or envy. Pandora, amongst many of the Thorn women, are incredibly manipulative and unwavering in pursuing their self-interest.

The representations of the sigil vary the intensity of the green in the clothing that the Thorn family members wear. Paler versions sometimes suggest that they're trying to underplay their greedy nature in favour of a generous, kind reputation. In the beginning, they are often seen muting the colours of their garments, sporting an understated teal in place of a true green. However, as their level of influence, power and affluence spreads, the Thorns start showing off their true colours.


"Aren't the Thorns the second wealthiest family in England, now? Of course, ambitious climbers don't want to stop on the second-highest rung. If only you could take that final step."
Madeline to Maisie regarding the Thorn family



The surname Thorn derives from an English and Danish background. It is a topographic name for someone who lived by a thorn bush or hedge (Old English, Old Norse þorn).