You have to give it to the Antebellums – they may be the most pompous, ponderous cunts the gods ever suffered to walk the world, but they do have outrageous amounts of money.

The House of Antebellum is one of Europe's greatest wizarding Houses, one of its richest and most powerful families. Traditionally a pure-blood family, the house, as practically all wizarding families do, now recognise a half-blood status in their more recent generations. With a noble origin in Italy, the Antebellum family undoubtedly became one of, if not the wealthiest Italian wizarding family.

The house saw a new patriarch and matriarch with each generation following back centuries, though is now currently lead by Grace Luciano (née Antebellum), the younger daughter of Madeline and Louis Antebellum. The family is known for their popular marital and familial ties with the affluent House of Thorn, as well as other noble houses of Italy's wizarding community. The family holds great global influence due to their possession of the Antebellum Empire, a large import and export division that clouds their secret illegal workings and sovereignty of the Sicilian Wizard-Mafia. The family is known best through the workings of Regina Antebellum, the current Head of the Empire and Boss of the mafia.

The Antebellum sigil is a red sun pierced by a golden spear, on an orange field.

Family history

Early history

"Festina lente."
—The family motto, translating to "Make Haste Slowly"

Recent history

Family members

Main family

Relatives by marriage

Antebellum relatives

Wizard/Witch(s) Notes
Delilah Peltier-Thorn Daughter of Maisie Thorn
Roman Peltier-Thorn Son of Maisie Thorn
Wednesday Peltier-Thorn Daughter of Maisie Thorn
Gaea Thorn Maternal grandmother is Maisie Thorn
Angelina Thorn Paternal grandmother is Maisie Thorn
Marcia Buckland (née Thorn) Maternal grandmother is Maisie Thorn

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The surname Antebellum derives from the Latin word bellum that means war, which therefore defines Antebellum as before the war. It is most often used in context of the US Civil War.