And so we end as we began.
— Gabriele to Eric Spellman

The Hon. Gabriele Thorn (b. 29 September, n.d. — 11 May, n.d.) was a half-blood witch of the House of Thorn. She was the only daughter of Niklaus Thorn and former Beauxbatons Professor, the late Gabrielle Audet. Throughout her education, she was known for her involvement with love interest, Eric Spellman.

Upon reaching the age of eleven, Gabriele attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She was noted as being a six-minute hatstall, due to the contrast between her evident Slytherin and Ravenclaw characteristics. Inevitably, she was sorted into the latter house for her artistic nature and her impressive level of logic and intelligence. Throughout her education, Gabriele was known for her tenuous approach to popularity, though to little knowledge, was a member of the Knights of Abaddon. She met her untimely death at the age of seventeen, during the May of her sixth year at Hogwarts.

Overall, Gabriele's astute level of knowledge in both generic studies and the magical arts was not easily comparable to students her age, as well as magical folk much older than her. She didn't lack in her magical abilities, and although was surpassed by many other talented wizards and witches her age, Gabriele proved most talented with her magical abilities and her intellect.


Early life

Hogwarts years

Death and post-mortem

Physical description

"I need your talent, mon cher, my dear, and your beauty."
Damien to Gabriele

Personality and traits

"You're a thousand times lovelier than the stars, Gabby. Of course, you're already well aware of that."
Francis to Gabriele
Gabriele recognised from an early age that her mind was her greatest weapon. Being the product of a relationship that was frowned upon by her paternal family, Gabriele was not blind to the pressure and burden of carrying the Thorn surname in a world where she herself felt foreign to her own blood. Having been born a member of the House of Thorn with the general expectation of upholding her family's noble name, yet lacking the same tutelage that her cousins had earned from their own parents and the family matriarch, Pandora, she thus committed herself to possess her own brand of intellect in order to help make up for the skills she had not been taught by her father. She was frequently able to use her superior intellect to get the better of many of her cousins who initially looked down upon her or weasel her way out of tight situations, though Gabriele was not above resorting to using her family name to bolster her position against those she deemed inferior. She showed herself to possess a keen mind for strategy, as is evidenced in her conducting many of the plans of actions for that of the Knights of Abaddon. Gabriele prided herself on her ability to read people and situations as easily as she could a book, and often founded herself on many occasions having gotten the better of her older cousins.

Magical abilities and skills

"People are going to believe what they're going to believe. The trick is figuring out what they want to believe and giving it to them."
—Gabriele to the Knights of Abaddon
  • Intellectual genius: Gabriele was not only a great witch, but also possessed an incredible level of intellect and logic that outshined all her other qualities. Her father compared her intellect to that of Savannah, the potentially most powerful witch the Thorn family has seen. Following Gabriele joining the Knights of Abaddon, she exercised her skills and became an exceptional strategist and tactician, with an uncanny ability to create complex and carefully-woven plans to achieve the goals of the Knights that prevented them from being discovered by the students and staff at Hogwarts. She also proved to be a consummate actor, multitasker, and investigator, as shown when she clouds her knowledge of the Knights to her family. Gabriele's intelligence and logic was trusted by the Knights' leader, Damien Culvateur, to the extent where he trusted her to design the plans of action for many of the attacks made by the Knights.
  • Non-verbal magic: Gabriele had mastered non-verbal spells before her sixth year, which included casting various charms and even blocking jinxes.
  • Charms: Gabriele was talented in charms, as she could cast Cistem Aperio and the Revelio charm in her first year, as well as the Dancing Feet Spell in her second year. She received an 'Outstanding' in her O.W.L for this subject and carried it onto N.E.W.T level where it is believed she would have received another 'Outstanding', if not for her untimely death.
  • Eidetic memory: One of Gabriele's most profound skills was her eidetic memory, that allowed her to recall something to perfection that she had seen or read previously, even if only for a brief moment. Gabriele was able to recall long extracts concerning difficult spells that were used for the advantage of the Knights. She also used this skill to remember extensive translations in Ancient Runes that she used as a means of coding, to also benefit the Knights. She also used this skill to exacerbate her proficiency in reading and understanding semiotics in everyday life at Hogwarts.





House of Thorn

Eric Spellman

Damien Culvateur

Knights of Abaddon


The name Gabriele comes from the Italian origin, a form of Gabriel which defines God Given Strength.

The surname Thorn derives from an English and Danish background. It is a topographic name for someone who lived by a thorn bush or hedge (Old English, Old Norse þorn).


Gabriele: Do you know why people like violence, Xanthas? It's because it feels good. Humans find violence deeply satisfying. But remove the satisfaction, and the act becomes... hollow.

Gabriele: Men think of themselves as rock, hard as stone. So they are. Hard, brittle, easily broken. Women know that we are mostly water. Sea around us, sea inside us. When I hurt, I remember that. I remember what water is, what it does. It flows. It changes. It endures far longer than the rock.

Eric: Gabriele Thorn. However dark the night, your eyes still shine so bright.

Gabriele: You have a grand vision, Damien. Don't lose sight of it.

Mariella: Why?
Gabriele: God told the devil, and the devil made me do it.
Mariella: But why, Gabriele?
Gabriele: Why? Because this is the fulfillment of all our dreams. Vengeance for years of oppression.
Mariella: Your dreams? Or someone else's dreams?

Gabriele: The hard part is not getting what you want. The hard part is knowing what you want.


  • Gabriele's theme song is Paper Chains by Kites & Crows.
  • Gabriele's specialised soundtrack, dark side of the moon, can be found on 8tracks.