I can't help thinking that every man, even a Lord, should have some kind of skill. One that I didn't inherit, wasn't given to me and can't be taken away.
— Francis to Sasha

Lord Francis Bottega Thorn (b. 22 May) is a Welsh-born, Italian raised half-blood wizard of the infamous House of Thorn by blood. He is the son of Yves-Thierry Thorn and Genevieve Rooney, as well as the younger brother of Rogue and Tigris. Although he never married or had children of his own, Francis became known for his promiscuity that continued into his adult life. He is also the godfather of Regina Antebellum.


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Personality and traits

Being raised as the middle child between two female siblings, Francis quickly adopted a clear moral compass and a true sense of honour, which he tried his hardest to abide by even when faced with difficult decisions.

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The name Francis is a name of Latin origin. In the language, the name derives from 'franciscus' meaning Frenchman.

Francis' middle name, Bottega, is an Italian word that translates to shop in the English language. Its meaning defines the studio or workshop of a major artist.

The surname Thorn derives from an English and Danish background. It is a topographic name for someone who lived by a thorn bush or hedge (Old English, Old Norse þorn).