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The Fifth Generation (alternatively known as Fifth Gen) refers to the collective group of characters following the Fourth Generation and preceding the Sixth Generation.

This period of time revolves around Maisie Thorn, Ember Cauldwell, and the lives of their extended family in the wizarding world.


  • ember: one of the most popular girls at hogwarts and social butterfly, best friend to maisie, gains her popularity through kindness unlike her mother. outwardly appears shallow and vain, but often downplays her potential as a formidable witch, until some deeper powers of an unknown nature begin to manifest.
  • ivory, who was deafened in in an accident as a child, has an almost entirely different personality. she is introverted and acts as a blunt no-nonsense contrast to her older sister, frequently entertaining herself with more serious issues such as animal rights, social work, all while battling the prejudice/difficulties she faces as being a deaf witch. quietly driven girl.
  • their close cousin lucky possesses a morally upright outlook and good-hearted nature. dreams of becoming quidditch player, and his storyline sees him becoming romantically involved with maisie in the first relationsihp to unite the potters and thorns.


Main characters

Background characters

Name Information
Darien Irvine Sr.
Grady Jorkins
Jamie Jordan
Beatrix DuBauer
Noah Hilliard
Luka Luciano
Courtney Pirfin
Aggie Dewkes
Layne Dietrich
Amy Jordan
Callum Cridden
Thomas Fletcher


Places of interest

List of deaths

Name Cause of death Circumstances
Aries Peltier II
Yvaine Antebellum
Yves-Thierry Thorn
Genevieve Thorn
Louis Antebellum
John-Paul Constance
Madeline Antebellum
Megaera Mortan The toll of a "serious" blood malediction as a result of a curse placed on one of her ancestors Died in her sleep at Mortan Manor; later buried alongside her husband and daughter
Linus and Andromeda Mortan tbc tbc