— Alchemy's catchphrase

Alchemy Faoiltiama Finnigan (b. 26 October) is a half-blood witch, the daughter of the late dark witch, Seraphine Finnigan, and the late dark wizard, Jaime Kingswood. She is also the elder half-sister of her known rival, Ariadne.


Early life

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Personality and traits

"She's a maniac."
Sasha regarding Alchemy

Magical abilities and skills

Rogue: "Is it the Quidditch team? Or the seventh years?"
Louis: "It's your friend Alchemy and her fucking armada. "
Louis on Alchemy's gang
  • Leadership skills: As a young student, Alchemy showed impeccable leadership skills, showing to be an effective leader as the head of her own gang that could effectively sneak past surveillance, being responsible for countless nasty incidences that were never connected to them, though Alchemy was also able to instill a great deal of fear into her fellow students at Hogwarts, even to the likes of her cousin, Louis, who recognised the ludicrous behaviour and dangerous capabilities of Alchemy, as well as her gang, showing that Alchemy from the start was a competent leader to her followers.


  • Swamp mayhaw wood wand: Alchemy's first wand, that she obtained during her first year of magical education at the age of eleven, was a 14½" long swamp mayhaw wood wand, with a rougarou hair core.
  • Lana Banana: Upon attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Alchemy obtained an extremely rare and unique Savannah breed of cat that she came to name Lana Banana. Due to Savannah cats being relatively larger than the average cat, she was infamously known at Hogwarts as Alchemy's partner in crime.




Finnigan family

Ariadne Finnigan

Morwenna Finnigan



The name Alchemy is of a multi-cultured, though specifically unknown origin, though is believed to be a Latin name. It is the medieval forerunner of chemistry, concerned with the transmutation of matter, in particular with attempts to convert base metals into gold or find a universal elixir.

Her middle name, Faoiltiama, is an Irish name that means wolf lady.

The surname Finnigan is of Irish origin, and is an Anglicization of the Gaelic "O' Fionnagain", meaning the descendant(s) of Fionnagan, an Old Irish personal name derived from the word "fionn", white, fairheaded.


Rogue: Bullshit.
Alchemy: Bulltrue!
Rogue: What does it mean, this bulltrue? Is it a British thing?
Alchemy: It's a me thing. And it means that rat bitch, Aria, will be dead by the end of the week. Enough games.

Alchemy: I've got dibs on this one, Aria. I haven't seen one that sweet in a while.

Priscilla: Whenever I needed to defend myself, or take justice into my own hands, everybody got on my case. Told me to be nicer, to be better. Evolve, Cilla, evolve. Fuck evolve. What about survive?
Alchemy: That's right. People like us, we gotta' say what we mean. I don't like you, I'll tell you. And that is worth something. Not like Aria, who's always the good girl, the victim. That's all bullcrap. Nice people, they're full of shit. Like human bertie bott's every flavour beans, but their insides are shit, not jelly.

Cerys: It would just be mean.
Alchemy: If you really wanna' be mean, pretend to be nice first. That's what the Arias of the world do.


  • Alchemy's theme song is Criminal by St. Urbain and Lissie.
  • Alchemy's personalised soundtrack, maniac, can be found on 8tracks.