I think Adaline's thoughts, I dream her dreams. She was always there.
— Adam to Gerda

Adam Carl Bicondova, more commonly known as Adaline Bicondova, (b. 28 December, n.d. — 13 September, n.d.) was a transgender half-blood wizard of the Von Marburg family. He was the son of Marina and Filip Bicondova, the former husband of Gerda DeCourcie and the biological father of Alanis. He was a talented seeker and a notable student of the Durmstrang Institute.

Unlike many of his cousins, Adam was enroled at Durmstrang Institute as opposed to the popular Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, being born and raised in Denmark. Upon arrival, he was sorted into the Hallestrom house, which represented intelligence and loyalty. Although he was far older than many of his cousins, he was born in the same year as Kalysta Jordan-Potter, who he often spent time with at family get together's and events. Adam met his future wife, Gerda, at the school, herself being a member of the Rhoswen house, which represented integrity and perseverance.

Adam left Durmstrang and became a famous artist within the wizarding world, like his wife, who mothered her own company titled Haus of DeCourcie. However, at some period in his life, Adam began facing the realisation of being transgender, a fact that had haunted him since his teenage years. Although Adam remained male, he was a known transvestite and lived his days under the alias Adaline. Although he was not an overly talented wizard, he was an excellent seeker and proved to have great skill in both Quidditch and in the arts.


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"You helped bring Adaline to life but she's always been there."
—Adam to his ex-wife, Gerda

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The name Adam ultimately derives from the Hebrew meaning of to be red, referring to the ruddy colour of human skin, or from Akkadian adamu meaning to make. According to Genesis in the Old Testament, Adam was created from the earth by God.

His middle name, Carl, is a North Germanic name meaning strong man or free man. The name originated in Germany, and equates royal status, being the first name of many Kings of Sweden.

The name of the surname Bicondova remains unknown, though is noted as having some origin in the Northern American area.